We don't just talk a good game, we fly it.

From fabrication to paint, we service things that fly in the sky!

Interior Customization Experts

Chaz Limited offers bush pilot’s a way to customize their personal cockpit by presenting refurbishing and design capabilities. Our aircraft interior design experts have prototypes to explore and choose from. Pilots like you have the option to design their flooring, seating, and interior paneling to make your aircraft an experience, not just another flight.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Department

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a specialty of ours here at Chaz. Fabricating an aircraft requires planning, precision, and close attention to detail. Working from scratch with a flat piece of metal to shaping a wing, the team in our hangar has the ability to create every component of your aircraft. Our crew understands the consequences of mediocre work which is why we settle for nothing less than excellence.


Airplane Painting

Harsh Alaskan weather can dull and chip the paint on an aircraft. To make your aircraft looking fresh again, come visit our paint consultants to compliment both your taste and style. Painting your aircraft not only adds refinement but also protects against any corrosion that may occur. We prepare preliminary design concepts to ensure your satisfaction with the design scheme.



Turning your mediocre bush plane into your personal jet by enhancing the comfort of your flight with our Interior Refurbishing amenities. Chaz offers custom refurbishing to modernize seat upholstery to add years of life to the interior of your aircraft. We have a fresh approach to making a luxury space for you and your passengers with custom padding on panels including the doors and along the ceiling. We offer a wide array of upholstery fabrics to choose from as you develop your custom interior.